Energy efficient ice rink floor piping providing maximum heat transfer efficency and refrigeration energy savings - by Custom Ice, the ice rink energy engineering experts

  • High efficiency rink floor piping
  • Saves 10-20% in refrigeration energy
  • Close tube spacing ensures better ice temperature consistency
  • Prefabricated design ensures fast and efficient installation 
  • Available for all sizes of ice rinks in concrete or sand floors
  • Can replace old style 1” PE piping
  • Designed by ice rink engineers

Maximum Efficiency Rink Floor Design:

  • 35% more tube surface area than traditional rink piping provides increased heat transfer 
  • Thinner walled tubing (0.0625” vs 0.125”) creates maximum heat exchange efficiency
  • Closer tube spacing results in closer approach temperatures
  • Greater temperature difference allows refrigeration equipment work more efficiently

All ice rinks consume a great deal of electricity in the ice refrigeration process.  Rink owners need to employ every possible solution to reduce ice rink energy
use while still ensure high ice quality.  The EnergyIce  High Efficiency Piping System has been engineered to achieve high quality ice at a lower operating cost thank traditional 1” rink floor piping.  EnergyIce  piping uses advanced technology to improve rink floor heat transfer by up to 40% and save refrigeration energy.  Call Custom Ice today for a free quote on our EnergyIce  High Efficiency Piping System.  Ice costs are less expensive at Custom Ice - in Burlington, Canada at (866) 887-8840.

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