Infared sensors designed specifically for measuring ice rink surface temperature accurately and reliably, by Energy Ice,the industry leaders in ice temperature control and ice quality technologies.

While traditional methods control the ice indirectly using the brine or slab temperature, Energy Eye infrared sensors measure the actual ice surface temperature.  They are designed specifically for ice rinks using a high temperature filtering capability that ignores the heat from skaters and ice resurfacing equipment.  They measure only the ice surface temperature and provide valuable information about the part of the ice that is actually skated on - the surface.   This ice temperature information can then be used to reset existing brine controls or to control the refrigeration equipment directly, keeping the ice to within +/- 1 F of the desired temperature for that ice activity.   For example,

22.0 F for Hockey
25.0 F for Figure Skating
22.0 F for Speed Skating

23.5 F for Curling

Fluctuating heat loads affect the ice surface first, before they are detected by brine or slab sensors.    This often results in wavering ice temperatures and inconsistent ice quality.  Energy Eye infrared sensors detect these heat loads immediately as they occur, allowing the operators and controls to respond faster to changing heat loads.  This stabilizes ice temperature and improves ice quality.  With Energy Eye infrared sensors, ice temperature can be maintained more accurately and reliably allowing optimum ice quality for hockey, figure skating, speed skating or curling.    Energy Eye is the first choice for quality ice.